DEFCON 26 Statement

Regardless of your political affiliation or personal beliefs, you should be greatly concerned about the state of electoral security in our country. This past weekend, Nordic Innovation Labs helped organize the DEFCON 26 Voting Machine Hacking Village. For three days, programmers, computer enthusiasts, and people from all walks of life attempted to compromise various voting machines and equipment. These machines are in current use across the United States and all have previously known, and unmitigated, vulnerabilities. While not every vulnerability exploited is possible in a live election environment, there exist numerous dangerous hacks that can occur both pre and post-election in a real environment.

The purpose of this event was not to train attendees to hack voting equipment or demean those that run elections, it was to bring about awareness to the abysmal state of electoral security in our nation. This is an issue that demands unity, as change will not occur without dedicated and pointed efforts. We need greater funding, awareness, and action on election security. Paper ballots. Voter verified records. Post-election risk-limiting audits. No exceptions.


Ben Dlin