Founding Partner

Ms. Margaret MacAlpine is an election auditing specialist and system testing technologist.  She has worked on a variety of projects that include electronic testing of voting registration systems, election security and election fraud for a variety of countries, states and counties. Ms. MacAlpine is a highly specialized technologist in testing and performing risk limiting and transitive audits on election results.  She has consulted on multiple projects in Florida, Connecticut, and most recently in Colorado.

Ms. MacAlpine has served as an advisor for the office of the Secretary of State of California for the Risk Limiting Audit Pilot Program 2011-2012, and is widely regarded as an expert on the use of high-speed scanners for conducting post-election audits.  Ms. MacAlpine was also a contributing researcher on the “Security Analysis of the Estonian Internet Voting System” in partnership with the University of Michigan.

Ms. MacAlpine graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.