Nordic Innovation Labs is a global network of first-responders and custom engineers that handle security incident response for our clients’ network systems and most vulnerable infrastructures. We quickly assemble and deploy our highly specialized teams to stop attacks and restore system security. Nordic performs risk assessments to uncover code vulnerabilities in systems design, as well as document, track, and prioritize next step risk mitigation.

After performing assessments, we actively collaborate with our clients to provide innovative solutions to address vulnerabilities and achieve their security goals through our custom engineering services. Nordic’s platform is uniquely positioned to handle global scale assessments and incident response work for the most at-risk industry sectors including: the automotive industry, avionics, financial institutions, healthcare and retail.

Penetration Testing, Red/Blue Teaming, and Security Preparedness

• Vulnerability Research & Verification with a holistic view
• Assessing hardware, firmware, operating system stacks, network layers, and the application from the perspective of an attacker
• Red / Blue Teaming, Penetration testing
• Assessment and testing of security measure effectiveness
• Threat model building, assessment and impact valuation
• Valuation of security controls, policies and response protocols
• Analysis of their usefulness for the attacker
• API Domain / Accessible interfaces evaluations against unintended uses
• Analysis of atypical information leakage methods, protection against TEMPEST attacks

Incident Response, Breach Management, and Contingency Operations

• First responders in informational security incidents
• Establishing situational awareness, assessments, picture & control
• Evaluation of breached system
• Analysis of the scope and depth of the attack
• Immediate response strategy
• Countermeasure planning and execution
• Reponses designed to limit the damage while preserving forensic evidence to ensure that all attack vectors are identified
• Strategic contingency operations to minimize the downtime in bringing the critical path operations back online while the primary systems are still under assessment
• Impact assessment & analysis
• Identification secondary and tertiary targets, goals, implants, APTs, etc.

Custom Engineering & Skunkworks Innovation

• Primarily Technology Readiness Levels 2 – 7
• Refactoring and redesigning already existing systems (HW & FW & SW) with security focus
• Innovative and Unique problem solving solutions
• Crash programs
• Advanced cross-discipline development projects
• Platform solutions & services
• Non-destructive identification of rogue / malicious chips and subsystems for secondary investigation
• Cryptography methods for securitization platforms
• Feasibility studies


• All previous areas of activities create a source of innovations to be developed
• Take client’s ideas and transform them into a stand-alone company​
• Package as technology for industry trade-sale
• Take outside innovations and evaluate and develop those into next commercialization levels
• Build whole teams and companies based off the requests of clients

At Nordic we thrive on the seemingly impossible projects. We believe that impossible is just a state of mind.

Our Team

Nordic has created an innovative platform for the best and brightest technologists from around the globe to come together in a safe, free thinking environment; where skill and intellect are the main requirements. We have assembled a unique network of highly specialized computer engineers and sought-after ethical hackers, to help our clients discover what may already be hidden in their systems and provide a better understanding of what may be coming next.

At Nordic, we believe in establishing deep trust among our team members and with our clients. This philosophy has helped our founders build this network of talented people over twenty years. Now we can provide clients access to this elite network of technologists. Our team lives and works on the front lines in every corner of the world. We are the cutting edge.

Our Approach

Nordic’s mission is to protect and advance our clients critical infrastructures and network security. The more seemingly impossible the project, the better. We want to help solve your greatest problems. To achieve this end, we must anticipate malicious actions of a hacker, thus we have to think like a hacker. To achieve this mindset, we cultivate and utilize our team’s collective, global intelligence to inform our testing and security measures, we know mere vulnerabilities can quickly become a crisis overnight.

Our team understands the importance of confidentiality and the need for real-time response, therefore we deliver on the ground response teams often within hours, not days. This has become a necessity in today’s world. At Nordic, we believe impossible is just a state of mind.