Nordic Innovation Labs is one of the leaders in the field of election security. Our experts have pioneered hacks on voting machines, authored numerous papers on the vulnerabilities of election systems and the importance of post-election auditing, and continue to lead from the front lines in securing unabated democracy.

Nordic has created customized security assessments for numerous US states and other countries, helping to ensure that elections remain free and fair. We analyze not only the software, hardware, and firmware involved in carrying out an election, but also the physical security of election facilities, the procedures followed by election officials, and the transfer of data on election night.

Nordic is committed to protecting democracy, with many of our members frequently speaking in front on Congress, on security panels, and organizing the DefCon Voting Village. If you need to guarantee that your election is valid, Nordic is the foremost expert in the industry.

Nordic is committed to protecting democracy and is the foremost expert in election security.

Election Security Services

Security Assessment and Vulnerability Consulting
· Software, Hardware, Firmware, Procedures, Data, Attacker Insight, etc.
· Top-down review of systems and protocols
· Written reports for improvements and further analysis

Risk-Limiting and Transitive Audits
· To ensure post-election accuracy and validity
· In select states/nations, can produce 100% accurate exit polling

Security Training
· Available demonstrations and procedures for election officials and party members to follow
· Can provide step-by-step consulting and training for all aspects of running an election