​Business is inherently insecure, with transactions, personal data, and communications flowing across various platforms. Whether you’re a law firm, a healthcare company, or a financial group, you have data that needs to be absolutely secure and untouchable. At Nordic, we offer security consulting services to ensure that your systems are airtight, your office has no vulnerabilities, and that your data will remain in your hands only. Our globally recognized experts will meet you in person, analyze your systems, and create a report on possible improvements or shortcomings. Not only do we think from your perspective, but also that of possible attackers, uniquely looking at each case in order to create the most complete set of solutions possible. Below is a list of services that we can include at your request.

• Vulnerability Research & Verification with a holistic view
• Assessing hardware, firmware, operating system stacks, network layers, and the application from the perspective of an attacker
• Penetration testing
• Assessment and testing of security measure effectiveness
• Threat model building, assessment and impact valuation
• Valuation of security controls, policies and response protocols
• Analysis of their usefulness for the attacker
• API Domain / Accessible interfaces evaluations against unintended uses
• Analysis of atypical information leakage methods, protection against TEMPEST attacks

Feel free to contact us using the form below and we will arrange a free consultation phone call in order to best assess your needs.

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Nordic offers security consulting services to ensure your systems are airtight, with zero vulnerabilities, and that your data will remain in your hands only.

Sample Project: Healthcare

Your healthcare company feels that data protected by HIPPA may be unsecure and vulnerable to attack, however you aren’t sure how the attack will occur. Our security analysis team will speak with you on the phone, gathering information about the specifics of your business, the size of your team, where your data is held.

The team will then travel to your office and assess both the physical and digital security of the data, walking through the office, testing the limits of your security systems, and coming at your data from all angles to simulate various attacks.

From there, having covered all possibilities of an attack, you will be presented with a written report consisting of solutions, tips, and actions with which to move forwards. If you’d like, Nordic can provide further services, more detailed analysis, or the construction of greater security measures, or anything else that is deemed as needed to protect your data.