Nordic Innovation Labs has the unique ability to bring your product into existence. With specialists in hardware, firmware, and software, we are capable of engineering any product our customer can dream of. With experts in mobile communications, network systems, data security, and countless other industries, Nordic can bring any idea to life. Our capabilities are limitless, your product will be built to specification, guaranteed to be secure and ready to deploy.

We will act as an incubator for your products, designing them, rigorously testing them for security, feasibility, efficiency, and reliability. Tinkerers, scientists, hackers, creators. Nordic is capable of unrepeatable and unparalleled designs that are ready to hit the market.

As tinkerers, scientists, hackers, and creators,we are capable of engineering any product our customers can dream of.

Custom Project Types

• Primarily Technology Readiness Levels 2 – 7
• Refactoring and redesigning already existing systems (HW & FW & SW) with security focus
• Innovative and Unique problem solving solutions
• Crash programs
• Advanced cross-discipline development projects
• Platform solutions & services
• Non-destructive identification of rogue / malicious chips and subsystems for secondary investigation
• Cryptography methods for securitization platforms
• Feasibility studies
• All previous areas of activities create a source of innovations to be developed
• Take client’s ideas and transform them into a stand-alone company​
• Package as technology for industry trade-sale
• Take outside innovations and evaluate and develop those into next commercialization levels
• Build whole teams and companies based off the requests of clients